Wind Turbine
The Wind Turbine Nav depicts a precursor, the old wind mill.

Wind Turbines
'Research' in this area may simple be the location of information. Wind turbines exist on the market today. Is building one better than buying one? We will contact specialists along the way. They will naturally serve in this area of research, bringing their knowledge and experience.

Yes, Some land areas are better suited for wind than others. However, Many more homes could take advantage of wind turbine power generation if height was no issue. HOA and city restrictions prevent significant height and viability. Natural wind breaks have a real effect. Inner city ground level wind speed is not usually significant. Simply getting high enough allows most properties the necessary wind speeds.

Wind Mills
Wind mills are time proven for pumping water and doing work. In addition to wind turbines on our research land areas, look for wind mills too!

We find it interesting to reflect upon the coefficiency of a wind turbine. It is obviously greater than 100%. Since we do not consider environmental energy input when figuring coefficiency; outputs are divided by zero! Mathmatically, the coefficient is undefined.

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