Sustainable Living
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Riding a Bicycle
According to a guest on a radio talk show, sustainable living is riding a bike to work. Growing a garden was referenced (which the guest didn't even do). Solar power was referenced (without further detail). Is this the level of understanding of the average? Yes, riding a bicycle is good; however, it shows that we have much work in educating about the multitude of things we can begin to do to raise the sustainability of our lives. I'm all for riding a bike (each should have one), but it is only a lesser aspect in today's sustainable living.

Incremental Steps
We do not wake up one day, or snap a finger and suddenly find ourselves sustainable. Changing from our current life of capitalism and consumerism, towards sustainable living takes work, practice, and time. Each step we take, little by little, slowly transforms our living. We believe in incremental steps. A desire for change is already there. Education and familiarization is the first step. We can not implement what we do not understand. Sustainability is an easy path full of learning and doing.

Consider planting your favorite vegetable in the bottom half of a soda bottle. We can do this with very little change and impact to our current life. Do it today! Learning about gardening - by doing gardening, slowly increases our ability. We know that growing food and eating is a fundamental of life. Raise bed gardening is probably best for home gardening. There are so many aspects to sustainability, gardening is just one. Buy some seeds.... Start a small vegetable garden. Learn and make it bigger each year. Those I know with tremendous gardens did not start like that. Gardening is a muscle that takes exercise. Our ability to garden strengthens over time. Start with one or two vegatables in pots on your patio! Success or failure is not important. This will make no difference to your diet. But starting the skill is critical. Begin to garden! Once we have some experience, a small raised bed will seem obvious and natural. Next year, we need a second raised bed - ect.... Soon we'll be watching gardening tips on youtube- ha! Gardening skill begins with a pot on the patio. Please begin! Start your skill. Gardening is central to sustainability.

Increasing our home power generation also lends to sustainability. Consider starting a 2nd electrical system near the back patio or in the garage. I started with a solar panel, a charge controller, a battery, and an inverter. The more we use it, the more familiar and larger it will grow. Incremental additions over time can lead to a full home power system. Investing into our home power generation establishes family prepardness and well being. In an emergency or disaster, we can continue plugging things in! We do not need to combine the electrical systems, as seemless integration doubles or triples the costs. Big or small, a 2nd electrical system begins to offset our monthly electric bill. Energy is a big part of sustainability.

Organizing the things we require near or in our home or in our local community reduces the need of transportation. Increasing the efficiency of how we travel lends to sustainability. Many diesel engine vehicles get 40+ mpg - look for them. Diesel engines allow for mixing the fuel tank with 10% filtered waste oil or filtered veggie oil. Some even make diesel at home! Hot summer days allow for higher percentage of mix. The mix affects getting the engine started when cold. Once started, 100% is fine. Some have tinkered with pre-heated fuel lines. Switching between tanks is an option too. Transportation with fuel independance begins with a diesel engine.

Living within your current earnings is a significant step that each has control over. Living without loans frees us from the need of a credit score. This requires different thinking and different habits. Make the change or remain indentured.

Monthly Contracts
Examine each contractual monthly payment. We are taught to accept these contracts so easily. Break the cycle - eliminate monthly contract obligations where possible. We willingly accept these obligations. Contracts reduce freedom! Voluntary indenturement is normal. Much can be changed while still living innercity. Begin to remove each leg iron by eliminating each monthly contract payment. Slow our self-induced fast paced life down. Look to desire a different than indentured lifestyle. Find more freedom and happiness, as you break out from the normal cycle and become increasingly sustainable.

There is a lifetime of things to implement. And a lifetime to do it. Remember incremental steps over time is the solution to sustainable living. We're just getting started. More sections will unfold here as we undertake them. Each step we take, makes us more free in our journey. Sustainable living is an easy path full of learning and doing.

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