Steam Generator
The Steam Generator Nav depicts bubbles.

Steam Generator
A device to convert pressure into electrical output. This project deals with a time proven device - the steam cylinder and generator.

Hot -vs- Freezing
When we create steam, we think in terms of heat. A hot steam processor is probably first in development. If heat is separated and used, only pressure remains. The releasing of pressure can actually lower temperature to the point of freezing the apparatus. In time the focus will become the cold technology side in this area of research.

Sub Zero
A generator operating at sub zero temperature range brings a new set of challenges. Preferred materials have quite different properties.

Working Fluid
Water to steam is where we started. If we change the working fluid we must think in terms of liquid to gas. Both are phase change. Refrigerant boils at room temperatures. If we use a refrigerant in a sealed loop The expansion side gets cold! Keeping the generator from freezing up or making it to operate at sub temperatures is the challenge and research.

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