Solar Geothermal
The Solar Geothermal Nav depicts a shipping container.

Environment Powered
This device is driven by environmental energies. An exchanger in the sun (solar) allows heat to enter the working fluid - boiling the refrigerant into vapor. An exchanger in the ground (geothermal) allows heat to leave the working fluid - condensing the refrigerant into a liquid.

Steam Generator
The solar geothermal apparatus is dependant upon a working steam generator. The expansion of refrigerant to vapor creates pressure. The releasing of pressure can drive a generator to produce electrical power.

Day Power
The device only produces electrical power during sunlight hours. This is similiar to solar pv panels. They both compete in the same requirement space. It may be possible that solar panels are less expensive per watt of electrical power. It is likely that this system would have a higher sun efficiency (percentage of sun use per square meter). Factoring in the r&d costs per unit reduces feasibility of this project.

Project Costs
The costs associated with this apparatus and research are much less than the costs to research the steam generator. The prototype steam generator is a main component and blocking technology to this branch of research.

Shipping Container
One concept involved mounting the solar exchanger on the top of a shipping container, while integrating the ground exhanger into the footprint. The sustainable living aspects become obvious - a place to use and the power for the space.

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