The Research Nav depicts a tech photo overlay.

Existing Tech
We already have much to work with. We can start learning about & begin to implement time proven technologies like: solar panels, wind turbines, lead acid batteries, air conditioners {heat pumps offer more out than in, 280% coeffecient}, alternators/ generators, turbo diesel engines. It may be less expensive to create a secondary off grid solar/ battery/ inverter power circuit at your inner city home. It takes time and practice through incremental investments to enjoy existing tech benefits.

Near Future Tech
We are researching sustainable options like geothermal, solar thermal, heat pumps, small biowaste reactors, biogas, steam piston engines, stirling engines, and more. Making existing and near future technology sustainable is our main research focus.

Advanced Research
In time, we may be able to advance onto propane, hho, biogas & water injected test engines. Will linear generator engines supercede current electric generator outputs? Building, testing, and better understanding of magnetic field & electromagnetic pulsing technologies may hold promise. Plasmatic hydrogen to helium fusion may hold promise.

Research Projects
There is much going on in the way of research projects. The Site Navs page shows our projects. Click one that catches your interest.

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