The Geothermal Nav depicts a heat pump prototype.

This is a very wide subject and has almost unlimited application. We are not limited to the narrow aspect of harnessing core heated material. Our view of geothermal is wider and includes ground exchange and aerothermal combinations.

Ground Exchangers
A simple project would be exchanging home interior air with a ground exchange loop for both winter & summer applications. Method, material, data, cost, and technique will be recorded, evaluated, and made available as facilities permit.

Geothermal Heatpump
Geothermal heatpump research continues. We look forward to testing the use of ground exchangers as facilities permit. Applications from this area of research appear to be important. The practical use of environmental energies is of major significance to sustainable living.

The standard window mount air conditioner is about a 280% coefficient. Increasing the air exchanger size (or exchanger medium) increases coefficiency. We look forward to raising coefficiency, milestone by milestone.

We need to build a set of matching calorimeters for recording heat outputs. Actual calorimeter data from our various protoypes will easily define where we are in this area of research.

Calorimeter heating element tests have set the standard at 99.9% coefficient. Testing and calorimeter data points will then quantify the baselines for available equipment today. Any prototypes will test and score against these baselines. There are discrepancies and conjecture between scientific authors, formulas, and theory. This leads to speculation, confusion, and even debate. Calorimeter data against baselines is solid. Look to our method for how to measure. Build it, test it, measure it, record it, share it! Again, we look forward to coefficient milestones, mark by mark!

What is Possible?
Not only will this help define what is possible - This will also allow for better sustainability along the journey. This research is bold and far reaching. We envision a wide think tank. Perhaps members from every community will seek involvement.

We look forward to the data of what is currently available on the market- to define and show forth what is proprietary. We are sitting on proprietary information. Initial prototype testing confirms the discovery. We require components, calorimeters, facilities and funding. We are not so interested in business investors. This will move forward by contribution.

Geothermal Mini-Split Systems
We look forward to researching the most coefficient mini-split system including options for methods of exchange. The efforts in pushing the coefficiencies of this system will lead to, well... the worlds most coefficient system! Business opportunities fall within our nonprofit overview & purposes but go out of scope of website discussion. We may contract components and assemblies and thus partnerships. Time frames for releasing proprietary discovery into public domain is involved. We will ensure that members will always have access to any device we bring forward.

Geothermal Research
This may qualify and support further geothermal research.

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