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The Fuels & Engines Nav depicts a diesel test engine.

Which Fuel is Best?
One answer is diesel. Diesel engines are designed to take full advantage of the fuel. Turbo, direct inject, auto ignition, diesel engines are the most efficient engines in mass production. However, diesel is second to last on the fuel chart. This is ironic. The lower the number of carbon bonds, the higher the auto ignition temperature, the greater and more powerful the fuel. Of the readily available fuels: diesel, gasoline, propane - propane is the best fuel. Methane (biogas) has more potiential. Hydrogen (H2) holds the highest fuel potiential. Note: if the masses can solve splitting costs, water (hho) would become the fuel of choice.

Fuel Chart
Fuel Name# of Carbon BondsOctane RatingAuto Ignition Temp
Iso/ Butane4?365C

There are more gasoline engines than all other engines combined. But gasoline engines do not take full advantage of the fuel. This is why diesel engines have the reputation of the strongest engine - even though they are the second worst fuel. A gasoline engine designed with, direct inject, auto ignition, and turbo - would terrorize efficiency and power ratings!

Which Engine is Best?
Of the engines in mass production... diesel engines are the best. Yes, they can design maximum engines that are much more powerful and efficient (throw a dart at the fuel chart). However, until such an engine is in mass production- it holds no solution for the masses.

Diesel Engines & Sustainable Living
Although diesel fuel is not sustainable - diesel engines can burn a wide option of fuels or blends. Diesel engine fuel option is important, this key opens opportunity. Diesel engine alternate fuel research directly supports sustainable living. Help us - help you. Right now we can purchase diesel engines and be burning blends with no modifications. Do it! Start the learning and practicing process. With modification, diesel engines can even start on vegetable or waste oil fuel.

Engine Research
Maximum engine research may or may not be justified. The ability to inexpensively modify an existing engine or a low cost maximum design would be of interest. Diesel engine practice with alternate fuel and research is more important in the short term. Balancing short and long term research and budget is not easy to know.

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