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Russell Philips

Renewable Energy Gathering
Interested in our parking lot tailgate demos? Look for us on weekends. Load up your projects, share something of interest, or just come see what's up! Vending is not permitted. You will be surprised by what backyard scientists are accomplishing. This monthly event is every third saturday, about Noon at Steele Indian School Park, Central Ave just north of Indian School Rd. This is just getting started.

Saturday March 17th: Russell Philips demonstrated the 6" hho system display and the big bang demo unit. Hands on demonstration and Q&A was from 10am to Noon.

The EBN team continues to research. The corporation has been dissolved. The information on the hho page was discovered through collective efforts. We support open source research at great effort.


Mike Shaheen at HHOConnection.com is doing a fantastic job of organizing the HHO products that are available today.

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