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Renewable Energy Research
It is a great day to be alive. We are provided daily with potential to offset our needs, wants, and even dreams. Our focus continues to be home electricity (production, storage, and use). Prudent use of wood and oil is important to our environment (corporations pollute - not families). These stored energies came from the sun originally. Directly harnessing sunshine at home is of significance longer term. Does cheap abundant free energy exist?

Open Source
Discovery that is open source helps all. Proprietary information provided here is posted into the public domain. There is growing support worldwide for open source collaboration. We believe sharing is human nature. We identify and associate with those who support open source research.

Sustainable Living Research
Much existing tech is difficult or costly to add to our inner city homes. Helping all to apply existing and future renewable devices is our mission for true change. One aspect of sustainability is independence: the goal and reason for some. Sustainable living becomes less expensive when more understand and practice. We recommend little steps continuously over time. Develop an incremental sustainable habit.

The majority is aware that we need a change. We wait and wait for business & government to offer change! However, solution only comes when we change. We all want- but will we do? Are we doing anything different? Join us in making a difference? Little contributions add up. Big changes come slow - but they are worth our collective investments. If our research seems different, foreign, or new: well... different is a good sign! Remember, change only comes by doing something different! Renewable research and sustainable living is up to you.

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